If you could do any role, any time - not just now, but in the past, ever - what would you have picked?

Reaching Out while Staying In

There are a lot cool things that technology can do for people and one of the things that technology has done for me is help me explore the world around me in the comfort of my own home. The simple click of keys and the swipe of a track pad allows me to get updated on the news, find out weather and traffic, connect with friends and family all over the world, and even stumble upon weird and random facts about animals or food that I can store away in my ‘random stuff I learned’ vault, which is held toward the sort of back, but not too far back, part of my brain.

A lot of people say that spending all of our time on the Internet or watching television is damaging to our brains. And, while that may be true for those who waste the advantage that having this technology gives us, I believe that the technology that we have is an important asset to our everyday lives. The Internet is a tool that is used to keep us up to date on current events, whether it’s politically, worldly, or personally. It allows us to search things that we don’t know or want to learn about. The Internet, if we choose to let it, is a teaching tool and extension of our knowledge.

Likewise, the television has plenty to offer us in terms of experience and street knowledge. While television show are not an exact replica of the average human life, there are moments and scenes that are relatable to what we, as humans, go through everyday. Watching a character battle an evil queen with magical powers can be (very loosely) related to an argument that someone may have had with their co-worker or boss who seems to have control over everything. The fight may seem futile but because of the show, we know that the good guy always wins and that, in turn, gives us hope to keep pushing.

With television, the world is filled with endless possibilities and anything can happen. And while is seems like we’re lazing around in our living room all day, we are transported, mentally and emotionally, to different worlds, constantly learning and gaining new experiences and knowledge alongside the protagonist and antagonists of the story. We can learn from the mistakes that are made in the show and work to avoid them in our lives. 

I, myself, do this and search for the different ways that the scenes in my favorite show relate to the moments in my life and take note of the mistakes made so that I can avoid them all together and not have to worry about the repercussions and consequences. My time spent on the computer or watching television is never wasted. I’m either reading stories or articles, accumulating facts and ‘textbook knowledge,’ or making life connections on how the facts and knowledge is applied to my life. That combination has given me perspicacity to the world around me and has enabled me to discover the endless possibilities and opportunities laid out before me.

Technology in general is a powerful tool that is constantly growing and evolving, and in order for us to do the same, we must utilize it to the best of its abilities so that we may push ourselves to the best of our abilities. Knowledge and experience can come from the most obscene places. Technology grants us the ability to explore those places and gain new insights on anything we desire. With technology, the world is literally at our fingertips; we just have to figure out where we’re going next.